Mazzaroth Pictures and Tim Johnson


The Mazzaroth is the Hebrew word for the Zodiac, each house telling a different part a story, the story of hope and loss, the story of good and evil, the story of a higher power being sent on a journey to make a sacrifice on behalf of a people that do not deserve it, and at a price that the hero cannot afford.  It's the Messiah story, the Christ story, the classic Mythical Heroic Journey, a story that resonates throughout culture, space, and time.  It is a story that can be found in every art form, from every culture since the beginning of human history.

It is a story projected in twinkling lights, broadcast to the masses in the darkened theater of the night sky.


I am a member of the Producer's Guild of America.  I have been producing in Los Angeles and abroad since 1999.  In 2007 I founded Mazzaroth Pictures, and over the following 5 years I produced documentaries, industrials, commercials, interviews and other original content.  In late 2011 I was hired by the premier 3D conversion company in the industry, and by 2012 my responsibilities there no longer allowed for me to continue pursuing work through Mazzaroth, so I shut the company down, but kept the website open.  Here, you'll find my professional profile, as well as my personal blog, and other personal content.

The site stays open because I believe in the power of the story, projected in light.

Tim Johnson, p.g.a.